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Type of training

On this page you will find brief summary, what to expect from each type of training. It is design for a basic understanding and point you in the right direction. Once you decide what type of aviation will suit best your requirement, just click on the link and find more details. We start with the easiest way to get into the sky and continue onto more advance aviation desire.

Recreational flying

Gets you in the air on your own in the shortest possible time and at lowest cost. Recreational Aircraft Australia (RA AUS) enables you to fly 2 seat aircraft below 600kg initially. For example Sports star, Sport Cruiser, Glass air and many other 2 seaters.

It takes around 12 hours before you go solo. Add another 10 hours, and you can take a friend for air adventure with you. At around $190 hire per flying hour it is very affordable. Approximate cost of Recreational license (RA AUS) is $5000 which you can spread over 4 weeks or 2 years, whatever fits your time and budged. Find out more here, or even better, book an introductory flight in many locations around Perth. Recreational Flying

Club flying

Many clubs will enable you to get Recreational Pilot license or Private pilot license. PPL allows you to fly 4 seaters initially and then only your budget is the limit. Club flying is a friendly environment, more often than not cheaper than Commercially based aviation schools. Clubs frequently organise social events, so the whole family can get involved. Schedules are generally not as tight as in “business operation” which may or may not suit you. Clubs are run mostly by volunteers and may not be as organised as professionally operating flight schools. More details and contacts here. You can also book your first flight in Western Australia to try the aircraft controls or get a scenic flight instead for up to 3 people.

Type of aircraft

Business orientated aviation school

With the new CASA rules you earn CASA recreational license before you get your PPL. Private Pilot Licence enable you to fly General aviation aircraft (Ie. C172, C210, Mooney, Piper cub or even twin engine aircraft) for private flights. In commercially operated aviation schools you may not have the benefits of socialising, but the schools have generally professional attitude towards their customers. You pay little extra for convenience and availability of different aircraft at time to suit you. Please note RA AUS, RPL and PPL will allow you to conduct private flight only or fly for no reward. Ie glider towing or parachute operations. You are not allowed to charge money, nor you can be employed as a pilot. However, many PPL schools have the option to continue your aviation training to CPL. More details here or book your first aviation lesson now. Alternatively get few friends together for a tour around WA, flight to Rottnest, Wave Rocks, Pinnacles or simply scenic over Perth city.

Commercial pilot licence

This is the real deal. Achieving CPL is serious business and as such require long term commitment and a good financial back up. As a Commercial Pilot you can earn money by flying or instructing within achieved endorsements. It is also a pathway to Airline operations. While you can start your aviation journey at any of the schools above, once you ready to step up you need to attend a professional aviation centre. There is many of those Down Under. CPL standard is much higher than PPL and require extensive aviation knowledge, followed by many CASA regulated checks, tests and exams. Your first flight can be booked in few locations around WA. Commercial Pilot Licence

Airline transport pilot licence

This licence is the hardest to obtain and entitles you to fly as a captain of an airliner. ATPL is a theoretical extension of Commercial Pilot License. There are Aviation government schools which will give you all the knowledge required. However, many private schools will enable you to get your goal in shorter time, as they concentrate on particular aviation subjects required by CASA and the airline industry. While university degree always look good on resume, in many instances it is not the primary requirement by the aviation industry. Transport Pilot Licence