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Training Initial Flight

Will enable you to control the aircraft in the air under our instructor supervision. Some people see no difference between Initial training flight and a scenic flight. However, training flight can only have one passenger (student) who is allowed to manipulate the controls most of the flight. Scenic flight may have 1, 2 or more passengers, but no one except of the pilot is allowed to operate the aircraft or touch any controls. Should you wish to become a pilot, this will be recorded as your first lesson. Did you know under the new rules you only need around 20 hours to become a recreational pilot?
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Each flight includes preflight brief and hands on experience

  1. 20 minutes - Take off, departure from the aerodrome, return to base and landing.
  2. 20 minutes - 2 take off and landings in a circuit pattern.
  3. 30 minutes - Same as above + some basic maneuvers.
  4. 45 minutes - Same as above + all basic maneuvers apart of stalls.
  5. 60 minutes - Same as above + full lesson with a lot of practice.

Training initial flight is designed as introduction to flying for potential pilots.

However many people choose Training Initial Flight instead of a scenic flight.

While TIF can accommodate only one person with the instructor, it gives you the opportunity to control the aircraft under instructor's guidance.

While there is no commitment for future flying, the flight is recorded as first flying lesson should you choose to progress further.

Training Initial FlightThere is no age limit for your first trial flight. Our instructors are qualified to supervise very young as well as 90+ years old.

You will receive a brief instruction on the aircraft operation prior the flight.

Once in the air you will be allowed to control the aircraft most of the time. Throughout the flight you will be guided by our instructor on safe maneuvers. If you wish you will be introduced to more advance maneuvers and try them under carefully supervision.

Should you decide to learn more or became a pilot, this first flight will be entered into your flight log book as well as into your training file, and it will be treated as your first flying lesson.