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Courses and tuition

Teach flying theory

Courses and tuition are design for better and faster understanding of the subject. They are in class environment, where you interact with other students and have more resources on hand.

Alternatively Private courses and tuition can be done at your place. You will get personal attention and each lesson is 45 minutes long. A second person can attend at 50% of the cost.

Private tuitions or courses are available on request.

Flight Training Briefs

The briefs available on Flying Pilot will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical techniques required to positively supplement your flight training through to your private pilot licence and beyond.

Each brief also addresses airmanship and threat and error management issues relevant to each flight training exercise.

The briefs address all the standard flight training lessons you would expect to undergo around the world during initial flight training. They are in the form of easy to use and easy to follow video presentations, which allow you to rewind, pause or fast forward.

Special Briefs

These briefs are designed to explain a particular aviation subject. Ie. Rule 1in 60. Alternate Aerodrome Buffer, Rhumg Line versus Great Circle.


The online testing section will check your knowledge and gives you a better understanding of given subject. It is design in a similar way as the CASA exams.