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Charter flights can be organised as per your request for passengers or cargo.

Your choice of aircraft from C172, Mooney, Baron, C 304, King Air or PC12.


Tours are prepared trips with a tour guide at the destination. We can take you Rottnest for lunch or full day. We also can take you to Wave Rocks, Cervantes (Pinnacles), Monkey Mia or combination of any of these. The tours can be for one day or overnighters.

A tour can also be organised to places of your interest such as Coral Bay, Hamelin pool, Shel beach or any other destination in W.A.

Training Initial Flights

Training Initial Flight (TIF) are designed for you to take control of the aircraft. Our instructor gives you a short brief on controlling the aircraft and you will be in charge for most of the flight under close supervision of an experienced instructor.

Tour airplane Cessna Perth from air 5 Family trip to Rottnest by aeroplane Aircraft in the way to Rottnest