Forgotten passwd

Instructions for AROC student

Please note.

The most important part is to turn up on time at the course venue and bring a passport or a birth certificate and your driver licence for CASA identification. No other ID is excepted by CASA.

However by following the steps below you will

  • speed up the process.
  • have better and easier understanding of the course.
  • spend less time at the venue.
  • increase your chances to pass the test first time.

1/ Book requested course.

2/ Once activation email received, access login (preferably in Google chrome).
Then enter your e-mail and provided password to enter your own account.

3/ Enter as many personal details as you have available and do not forget to "SAVE".

4/ Once the account is paid, you will have access to full training manual under the Documentation tab. Please pay attention to the underline subjects and most importantly read the "AROC - Training Manual". You also can listen to sample aviation English Proficiency tests.

5/ Attend the course on the day. The address is 5 Maule rd. Jandakot unless advised otherwise. Please bring a passport or a birth certificate and a drivers licence for CASA identification.

Oral questioning is a part of the briefing and on-line written test concludes the AROC part. GELP (Aviation English Language test) will be finalised on the day if required. Upon successful completion, you will have a temporary certificate of completion under the tab "Certificate". This is valid until CASA issues their own certificate, which may take up to 3 months.