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Welcome to Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) course, tailored to meet the needs of ground based radio operations for Off-Shore, Mining and Aerodrome Personnel. However, it also meets UAV and drone requirements.

Aroc course

Many of you will be familiar with the general use of the radio equipment in and around your working environment, and you may even hold other radio operators licensing. However, a CASA radio licence is required for the use of aviation radio equipment and communication. This course satisfies the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) 83 and provides you with an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate. The course also covers material for use in the Flight Radiotelephone Operators Licence (FROL). This information should supplement your knowledge of aircraft radio procedures.

The AROC Course

This course is designed for both those with and without radio experience and covers all aspects from the basics to specific aviation radio knowledge.

The course consists of two parts, which are necessary for obtaining the license and passing the exam. As follows:

  1. Theory and relevant questionnaire.
  2. The practical radio test online.

The theory component incorporates firstly the course notes including CASA Syllabus and regulatory attachment for study purposes and secondly questionnaire. (A pass rate of 80% is required.)

The practical component l involves a verbal radio simulation ( via telephone ) to determine your skills in radio procedures and English competency.

Course Program

Your course will involve the following steps in achieving your A.R.O.C.

  1. Forward your course payment.
  2. If GELP brief and test is required at the same time as AROC forward that payment as well.
  3. On receipt of payment your course package will be accessible via your online account.
  4. Complete online personal details and print AROC forms. (Google Chrome works best)
  5. Study provided CASA documentation and the training manual.
  6. Upon successful completion of the practical test, you will receive a provisional certificate.
  7. Relevant documentation will be sent to CASA for processing.
  8. You will receive your ARN and licence papers from CASA.

Course Package

Your course package will include.

  1. Course Training Manual
  2. Theory questionnaire
  3. CASA Syllabus
  4. CASA Radio Operators Regulation 83
  5. ASA ARN Application Form 1162
  6. Application Form 638

Aeronautical Radio Operators Course instructions

Please note the new requirement for airborne radio operators. CASA Part 64 requires every radio operator to pass the GELP (Aviation English Language test). The GELP and the test can also be obtained. However, this is a separate course and there is a fee.

Airborne radios have been in use for many years and are an essential part of today's aviation communications and safety. It is essential that the phrases spoken have a clear meaning and are understandable.

Course venue:
Adelaide, Alice Springs, Beverly Uranium Mine, Brisbane, Brisbane - Domestic Airport, Brisbane - International Airport, Broome, Bunbury, Busselton , Canberra, Christmas Creek Mine, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Darwin, Denpasar, Exmouth, Gold Coast, Hobart, Jurien Bay, Kalbarri, Margaret River, Mataram, Melbourne, Northam, Onslow, Perth - Domestic Airport, Perth - Jandakot, Perth - Wellington st., Singapore, Sodexo Balcatta, Sydney, Townsville, Wellington,