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Recreational flying

Welcome to Recreational aeroplane pilot training. RA-Aus training facility will teach you to be a confident and safe RAA pilot. In this booklet, the training facilities will provide you with some requirements of the RAA, and a broad outline of the course and the associated cost involved in obtaining an RA-Aus certificate.


An applicant for the issue of a Student pilot certificate must (in short):

  1. Be 15 years or older (and if <18, have written permission from a parent or guardian to undertake flying training)
  2. Have a signed declaration that their health is of a standard equivalent to that required for the issue of a Private Motor Vehicle Driver's License, but class 2 medical to operate out of Jandakot.
  3. Have flown 3 hours dual instruction.
  4. Have been issued at least a Temporary RA-Aus membership.
  5. Be a financial member of RA-Aus.
  6. Must satisfy the Ra-Aus examiner that he/she is able to:
    • understand and carry out instructions given in English
    • be deemed competent at basic handling of controls
    • demonstrate a level of maturity required for training
    • understand the full requirement for training including theory
    • understand the risks and hazards involved in flight.
Inside of recreational aircraft

An applicant for the issue of a Pilot Certificate shall (in short):

  1. Hold a valid Student Pilot Certificate.
  2. Meet the required health standards.
  3. Have undergone the required flight and ground training and passed theory and in-flight examinations to the standard required.
  4. In the case of a GA pilot or Glider Rating Pilot wishing to apply for a RA-Aus pilot certificate you must:
    • Be a financial member of RA-Aus
    • Hold a valid Student Pilot Certificate, and
    • Meet the experience requirements as they apply.


Prior to undertaking a flight test for an RA-Aus pilot certificate an applicant shall: - Have completed a minimum of 20 hours flying experience in a recreational aircraft, which shall include a minimum of 5 hours as pilot in command. With previous experience different rules apply. See RA-Aus Operations Manual Section 2.07 part 2 b, c and d.


The training facilities will be using and referring to the RA-Aus Pilot Certificate Ground Training Manual for Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Air legislation and the Flight radio endorsement. (Cost $ 85) It is a self-marked, home-study course consisting of 8 Parts including:

Outside of recreational machine
  • Part 1 – Principles of Flight
  • Part 2 – Engines, Systems and Instruments
  • Part 3 – Aircraft Operation and Performance
  • Part 4 – Local Area Navigation and Meteorology
  • Part 5 – Air Legislation
  • Part 6 – Flight Radio Endorsement
  • Part 7 – Review Exercises and
  • Part 8 – Human Factors

The training facilities will be following the syllabus as set out in the RA-Aus Operations Manual Section 3.05. The course is self-study but Cloud Dancer instructors will be on hand to help and if you would like formal lessons please approach us. The training facilities will also be referring to CASA Rules and Regulations as well as the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) RA-Aus recommends as a reference – Understanding the Sky, Sport Pilot's Guide to Flying Conditions by Dennis Pagen.


The training facilities will be following the syllabus set out in the RA-Aus Operations Manual Section 3.04 and will structure the course as follows:

  • Lesson 1 – Effects of Controls
  • Lesson 2 – Straight and Level
  • Lesson 3 – Climbing & Descending
  • Lesson 4 – Turning
  • Lesson 5 – Stalling
  • Lessons 6 – 14 Circuits Take off & Landing and Solo Consolidation
  • Lessons 15 – 20 – Advanced Manoeuvres and Consolidation

When you have reached a satisfactory standard you will be up for your Pilot Certificate Test The training facilities will also cover Managing Abnormal Situations and Managing Fuel Each lesson will include a thorough Pre-Flight Briefing and Post-Flight Debrief so initially a lesson which is only an hour in the air may take a Student with no Prior experience up to 2.5 hours.


You will be responsible for all study material including Maps and relevant Charts, CASA Publications and Recommended Study Guides. They are all readily available at Jandakot Airport, and we will assist you in the process.

You must also be a member of the RA-Aus which is an Annual fee of $185

Aircraft costs are as follows:

SPORTSTAR $235 per hr $160 per hr

These prices do not include Landing Fees and G.S.T
THEORY TRAINING (not Pre-Flight briefings) $ 35 per hr


We aim to teach you to the highest standard of professionalism and safety. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately and be aware that it is not safe or legal to fly wearing sandals of "thongs".
The big thing to remember is that flying is FUN!

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