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Club flying

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  • 20min flight experience
  • 30min flight experience
  • 45min flight experience
  • 60min flight experience

Club flying gives you similar options as flying school. You can obtain RPL (recreational pilot license) and or PPL (private pilot license), however it is in friendlier environment.

Club training delivers training according to CASA safety rules and regulations, but priority is given to enjoyment, rather than strict time schedule or individual lesson outcome. The training is combined with club activities and socialising amongst other members. It suits many recreational and private pilots as there is no pressure for maximum gain at each lesson. As a result it generally takes longer to achieve required standard. However, due to lower charges and frequently the absence of landing fees it is a cheaper option than commercially operated school.

It time and maximum achievement over minimum lesson hours is preferred then, flying school is better option for you.

Club flying Recreational Flying