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Personal airads

Congratulations ads

Are the best aerial attractions you can buy. Saying clearly in the air against the sky
I LOVE YOU MADDY WOULD YOU MARRY ME can not get any other response but YES.

However HAPPY 50TH DAD - CHARLES also goes a long way, particularly when flying over the venue of celebration. The aeroplane coming from nowhere and unexpected with the words of your choice is remembered forever. It is truly a unique way to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. We have suggested spots for the aerial display, but we are able to fly to various places as per request. For the biggest effect we fly you and your wife to be to the advertising aircraft in the air. The first aeroplane tows the banner with aerial message while the other aircraft safely “catch up” in such a way that the message can be read while in the air. Some people use this as opportunity to get to Rottnest where their celebrate one of the happiest day of their life. According to our pilots the answer always is YES… Actually to be more precise YEEES, yes, yes yes…. YES. ;-)

BANNER FLYING is a speciality. Imagine the surprise when a banner flies down the beach with the 160hp CT4 Aircraft towing for all the world to see PICS HERE beach banner – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY I LOVE YOU ANNE CONGRATS new DR. JONES CARN THE EAGLES You can give a very public compliment to Mother or to Her or Him or to your footy team for a mighty win. COMPLIMENTS LAST FOREVER