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Air ads Perth

Is generally done in 2 hours slots to get the best exposure. However, it can be longer at customers request. Sunday mornings are most popular as the lifesavers bring thousands of children and their parents to the beach. The biggest exposure is between Mandurah and Quinns Rocks with the beaches most populated between Fremantle and Hillary's. However, there are plenty of beach-goer's any other time.

Beach Banner Flying

On cooler days we fly to the city over Swan river almost up to Midland if required. Australia day is the most obvious, when even 2 banner towing aircraft do not satisfy the demand.However, there is many other events in the city which attract large crowds.

Spot or Event flying promotion

This flying is designed to attract a specific market target. We fly over football field or a music venue to attract football or music fans. Bike rides or charity run are also great times to show your aerial message. Rottnest swim on the other hand is the busiest day between Cottesloe and Rottnest. However, the city is not the limit. We fly to various country events such as Dowerin field day or various farmers show. Fell free to cal and book a flight over event of your choice. AERIAL ADVERTISING WORKS AND ATTRACTS MORE ATTENTION THAN OTHER MEDIA. We use brightly coloured piper cub witch attracts close to 100% attention. The Aircraft (PA-18-150 Super Cub) with its TEXTRON LYCOMING 160Hp engine is heard long before it arrives to the designated spot so everyone has time to read the message. As there is only one or two flights within the hour over the same area, it is still treated with curiosity especially when the pilot gives a "wave" over the beach. Towing a banner behind an Aircraft is a sure way how to get everyone's attention. We fly at 500 feet most of the time so the words are visible and clear to read. While our destinations are as per request we suggest the beaches in summer and the city in cooler months of the year.

BANNER FLYING is a speciality. Imagine the surprise when a banner flies down the beach with the 160hp CT4 Aircraft towing for all the world to see PICS HERE beach banner –HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY I LOVE YOU ANNE CONGRATS new DR. JONES CARN THE EAGLES You can give a very public compliment to Mother or to Her or Him or to your footy team for a mighty win. COMPLIMENTS LAST FOREVER

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