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GPS Instruction

At Flying Pilot, we provide briefs, tutorials and training for differing GPSes

This includes:

  • Briefings on GNSS (global navigation satellite system) operations An introduction on what it is, how it works, and how it is applied within Australian Aviation Industry Standards.
  • Briefings on multiple GPS units (i.e. G430, G530, G650, G1000) An introduction to GPS, the functions and Australian Aviation Industry Standards. The four units above are covered; however, other models can be requested.
  • Instructions and practical training Verbal and physical instruction given, which allows you to see the GPS in use, and have a practical understanding of the teachings. You also get to test it out for yourself, to get a feel for the unit and how it operates.
  • Practicing GPS operations on your own Here you get to test out and practice your skills on the GPS unit without the input of the instructor.