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Aerobatics adventure

Aero description WA

1 hour flight

Recommended for the mother in law

Cockburn sound or the Lakes
It takes about eight minutes to fly to the aerobatic area where the adventure begins. The aerobatic flight continues for about forty-five minutes. It is a unique experience with simple and low G force manoeuvres or up to 5.5G’s is a very big buzz which you will remember for happily for a long time. If you feel uncomfortable at any time the pilot will ease off and maybe use the rest of the time for a quiet scenic flight.

Recommended for Scenic view lovers

City orbit then Cockburn sound
This is the most popular choice. The flight takes you over Perth City – after obtaining clearances. Then along the coast to Cockburn Sound and to the aerobatic area.

Recommended for Romantically minded people

Perth city orbit then Alkimos Wreck
This flight is often chosen by people living in the northern suburbs. Fly over the city then direct to Alkimos. If you want to say hello to someone at home you can orbit your own house and wave to them while flying to the aerobatic area. This is best suited for late in the day or weekends as Alkimos may not be available at other times. There is thirty minutes of ‘wild ride’ before return to base along the coast at 150 metres above the water.

45 minutes option

Recommended for Adventurers

Fremantle, Cottesloe and Perth city view, then directly to Cockburn Sound which will allow 20 minutes of exciting, gut wrenching aerobatic flying.

Recommended for couples

2 x 30 minutes option

This flight is popular if you wish to share the experience with another person. You may split the hour anyway you wish. The flight is direct to the aerobatic area and about 15 minutes of full on aerobatics. It may not seem long but time feels longer in the air. (Each of you flies individually as aerobatics aircraft takes only a pilot and one passenger.)

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