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Aviation radio licence

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  1. AROCP - is outdated name for AROC. Existing licence holders retain their validity, however new students must comply with new CASA regulations. ELP (Aviation radio language) test is required as of 1.9.2014 for all new applicants.
  2. FROL - has also been replaced with AROC and the same requirements apply.

AROC requirements are:

  • ELP - English language proficency test (with strong accent, in airport environment).
  • Face to face course.
  • 80% pass mark.
  • Oral examination and a practical aviation radio test.
  • Completed Application Form 64-ROC, MOS CASR Part 61, CASR Part 64 (old Form 638).
  • ARN (Av. Reference Number) - We apply for your ARN with application Form 64-ROC (old Form 638).
  • Passport or birth certificate for identification purposes.

Additional requirements for pilots are:

  • All the above + medical certificate class 1,class 2 or "drivers licence medical."
  • ASIC or AVID security identification is required or it needs to be applied for when submiting Form 64-ROC (old Form 638).

Steps towards your radio licence are easy

Aviation radio licence

Book your course fot suitable date. (each applicant must have an individual e-mail adress.) Once paid you will receive access to all necessary documentation. Fill in personal details. Attend the course and do not forget your passport or birth certificate for identification. We provide course material and we will apply for the license on your behave, however it will be much easier for you if you read the course documentation and the training manual in particular.

Course venue

The standard radio aviation course is held at Jandakot airport 2 times a week. When 3 or more students are attending the course date and time can be booked at your convenience. The course can be conducted anywhere in Australia at your work place if

  1. more then 4 students are attending.
  2. the transport, accommodation and meals are provided for our instructor. (when outside Perth metropolitan area)

The standard radio aviation courses are held at:
WA - Jandakot - Perth
WA - Gingin
WA - Northam
QLD - Brisbane / Gold Coast
NT - Darwin
NSW - Sydney
WA - Bunbury
WA - Kalbari
WA - Onslow
WA - Jurien Bay
WA - Wellington st. Perth 6000
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
QLD - Brisbane domestic airport
Bali - Indonesia
Lombok - Indonesia
WA - Exmouth


Easiest way is to pay at the time of booking. If paying at a later date simply return to this website and use the payment tab on the left.

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